Diloti - How To Play


To obtain more points than your opponent.

What counts as points?

By the end of a round, having more cards than your opponent counts as 4 points towards your score.

Having the 2 of clubs and each ace count as one point each. Having the 10 of diamonds counts as two points towards your score.

Having a xeri counts as 10 points towards your score. A xeri is described later.

Game Play

The dealer deals each player 6 cards to start and places 4 cards on the board. The non-dealer player goes first.

Players alternate turns. Each turn involves choosing a card from your hand and doing either a drop, take, or a join with it and with cards on the board. When each player has used all of their cards in their hand, the dealer deals a new set of 6 cards to each player and game play resumes. This occurs until all of the cards in the deck are gone. This indicates the end of the round and the score is tallied.

What's a drop? A take? A join?

What's a Xeri?

When a player takes all of the cards from the board, it is called a xeri (pronounced kse-ri') and that is worth 10 points. Therefore, the general strategy to diloti is to take as many point cards as possible without allowing your opponent to get a xeri.

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